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Director Jackie Kong is one of only a few females directing horror films (with a proven track record) shocking and horrifying viewers. Her unique sense of humor infuse her films with comedy relief and have elevated them to Cult Film Status worldwide. On the Internet, a whole new audience of young viewers has taken to her films. Her "In-your-face" style has made her films memorable and favorites of such filmmakers as Quentin Tarantino, as well as Fangoria readers. BLOOD DINER and NIGHT PATROL have been dubbed in over 5 languages playing internationally to sell out theatres (see Night Patrol box-office grosses - Variety) and now fans have been posting clips of her films online (search YouTube) along with reviews and commentary. She has managed to receive a strange mix of both good reviews (NY Times - Canby review) and box-office success and for her work on Night Patrol she was a recipient of RIAA's (Recording Industry Assoc.) Platinum Award for the film’s stellar box-office and video sales. Her timeless style is able to shock today's audiences (which according to Kong "have seen everything and are not very easy to surprise")...

Chronology of Credits:

Filmography: Feature Films Director credits

Night Patrol  (New World Pictures - 1984/85) director, co-producer

Blood Diner (Vestron - 1986/7),

Underacheivers (Vestron - 1987),

The Being(Released 1983) director & writer

Developed Night Patrol II screenplay for Bobby Newmyer/Outlaw Productions - 1986

TV Series:  Director/Producer

Karaoke Nights-  (created bible/concept with 6 writers 2001)

Kong directed all but 2 episodes of the 1st entirely Asian-American created sitcom

(20 episodes online at

Writer: Pretend – screenplay 1993, W.H.O.- screenplay 1995, Night Patrol (co-writer),

Underacheivers (co-writer), The Being 1982

Interesting Facts:

Jackie Kong born June 14, 1957 is a screenwriter, film producer and film director. Kong grew up in a family with three sisters and one brother. Her mother, Anita, was friends with Marlon Brando so she was exposed to the film world during her formative years. She made her first film at 23, entitled The Being, starring José Ferrer, Dorothy Malone and Martin Landau. Her second film, Night Patrol, was released in 1984 by New World Pictures and starred Linda Blair, Pat Paulson and Billy Barty. It was made on weekends only and everyone worked on deferred salary.  It was a surprise hit and #1 Theatrically in the U.S., then went Platinum in the Video market. The comedy received favorable reviews in the New York Times and Variety. Released theatrically worldwide, it received the usual mix of good reviews and box-office success, even playing two months on the Champs-Elysées in Paris.

From this success Jackie was nabbed by Vestron’s Larry Kasanoff and Ellen Steloff for a 3-picture deal to make films for it’s low-budget division (Lightening Pictures). In 1987, Kong directed under her (banner PMS Films)  the movies - Blood Diner and Underacheivers for executive producers Kasanoff and Steloff. Blood Diner featured a cast of unknowns, as Kong cast musicians and people off the street that fit the motley group of weirdos, murderers, and odd-ball characters. It was shot in three weeks with Kong shooting 50-90 set ups a day. Between the tight schedule and all the special effects,  the Bond company guys were making bets she wouldn’t get it done. She put up her entire salary to guarantee the movie and finished on time and on budget. Blood Diner has become a CULT Classic worldwide online and catapulted Kong into Cult Director status. The Underachievers, starred Edward Albert and Barbara Carrera, was also released in 1987 by Vestron.  

Kong then became an activist as the Executive Director of a non-profit organization called Asian-American Media Development (AAMD) 1995-2001 with the mission to develop an Asian-American voice in Media. AAMD was housed at Esparza-Katz Productions (Selena, Meet Dorothy Dandridge, Milagro Beanfield etc.). As Executive Director she became a regular speaker at Film Festivals (HIFF seminar press), the FCC (Washington DC),  and spoke at NATPE (National Assn. of Television Program Executives) in 1998,1999 & 2000 on the importance of Diversity on the airwaves. With AAMD she developed the first entirely Asian-American created sitcom with six writers and directed several episodes of Karaoke Nights in 2001. “We were running shows on the Internet 9 years ago, I guess we were just too ahead of our time”. Karaoke Nights can currently be viewed (see Internet link).

Blood Diner is being re-released on DVD by Lionsgate Films (release date tba). Jackie will be doing the commentary “I’m pleased the films hold up over time”.  

Ms. Kong has just completed a new screenplay entitled “Co-EXISTENCE” – a Cold-Blooded Romance (see Co-EX link). She is currently developing the project and working on a MMG gaming platform, so viewers can emerge themselves in not only watching the film, but actually enter the setting, run around, live and play games in the virtual world we’ve created Online. “How cool is that!”

Jackie Kong has been married 3 times and has 2 beautiful daughters. She is currently happily married to a rocket scientist “he gets me” named Wolf. They had an Elvis wedding in Vegas in 2008 (“surprisingly touching”) which played online “live” so her daughter’s elementary school class could watch it in computer lab.



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