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Blood Diner Film Reviews

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I mean, I don’t know how to describe it. But I just did. It’s just an insane f***in’ movie with insane parts. You’re watching it, it gives these curves that you didn’t see coming, until probably I just told you and showed you in the review. But it’s just I don’t even know how else to review it, you know, the, it’s just insane. It’s an insane f****in’ movie. Uncle Bill, you’re insane for liking it, and I’m insane for liking it too. It’s just insanity incarnate. But it’s a lot of fun.– Youtube review of Blood Diner

Yes truly sickening -- and I loved every minute of it. This film is both gross and funny in parts and its a shame its not currently available. The closest to anything like this on the market today would be SANDY HOOK LINGERIE PARTY MASSACRE produced by Mr Creepo. BLOOD DINNER is a horror classic -- I've seen it six times!” - Amazon.com reviewer

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Jimmy Hitler Scene

Graveyard Scene

Opening Scroll

Captain punches Detective

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Vomet Scene Spanish version

Mambo Scene

Head Explodes

Head Squashed