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Karaoke Nights Episode 1, "Meet the Lees" is the first of twenty comedy episodes about an Asian-American family’s struggle to keep their restaurant afloat by opening a Karaoke Bar. Everything goes wrong when homeland security begins investigating the family and their mysterious and paranoid sushi chef. Stay tuned for additional episodes...

Karaoke Nights Episode 1 of 20

Produced by Jackie Kong and Asian American Media Development organization (AAMD) with financial support from Advantica Restaurant Group Inc.(parent company of Denny’s)(2001). With special thanks to Ray Hood-Phillips, Chief Diversity Officer at Denny's, and the Jenifer Harmon, Senior Director of Advertising and Media at Advantica.


Jackie Kong as Community Activist:

Ever wonder what it’s like to be Asian-American in America? “I wanted to do something to help the community. Ethnicity and their voices were being shut-out of the television airwaves at the time. So, we created KARAOKE NIGHTS to showcase Asian-American talent via Internet Webisodes” . It’s the 1st TV Show written entirely by a team of 7 Asian-American writers. It created a voice and window into the community, at a time when we were being shut out…we were way ahead of my time. You can watch the shows now – click on the above images for Episode #1 - “Meet the Lee Family” or Episode #2 - “Saving the Business”.

Watch the 20 webisodes Kong directed to showcase Asian-American talent entitled KARAOKE NIGHTS. A new episode will be posted regularly... come back for the countdown to view all the show episodes. This ground-breaking series centers around a Chinese-American family's struggle to maintain their failing family restaurant. Business is so bad that they open a late night Karaoke Bar and a whole new young crowd descends upon the place, as well as, Homeland Security. It is the first entirely created Asia-American sitcom... see it only on the Internet!

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Karaoke Nights Episode 2, “Saving the Business”