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The streets of Los Angeles are crawling with weirdos, hookers, peeping toms and perverts, and this time, they're wearing badges! Murray Langston, Linda Blair, Pat Paulsen, Billy Barty, Jaye P. Morgan, Andrew Dice Clay, Pat Morita, Kitten Natividad and the Unknown Comic star in this cult classic in the tradition of "Airplane" and "Police Academy."

A bumbling L.A. cop dreams of fame as a stand-up comedian. At night he performs his schtick in clubs, wearing a paper bag over his head and calling himself "the unknown comic". But his rise to the top is momentarily interrupted when a gun toting stickup man is spotted with a very similar mask.

From Chinatown to Hollywood, the idiot cop Melvin (Murray Langston) who moonlights as the "Unknown Comic", his playboy partner, a police woman who packs a perfect 38 (Linda Blair), a pathological police chief, curvy dolls, neurotic shrinks and zany Hollywood agents all help to make the night patrol a little bit crazier than the rest of the force.

Night Patrol Reviews:

"...A kind of consistent vulgarity that isn't easy to achieve....A good, low-burlesque style..." -- Vincent Canby, New York Times

"...Consistently amusing....Wildly chaotic situations....Pat Paulsen comes off amiably and funny..." -- Sege., Variety

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