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The Being - Film Review (German)

Things that can be learned from watching this movie (according to (see link):

1) Picketers are an endangered species.  

2) Any car in a junkyard, selected at random, will be in perfect operating order and have its keys in the ignition.

3) Wrist watches are radioactive death traps.

4) Girls like to paint their toenails in the nude and in front of open windows.

5) Monsters excrete axle grease.

6) Using your bare hand to throw manure against someone's house is pretty dumb.

7) A pair of stainless steel egg whisks makes a great wind chime.

8) Nuclear waste dumps are usually located on top of public aquifers.

9) For those looking to roast a large family, Ford also produced a barbeque that seats six: the Bronco.

10) Potato farmers shall inherit the Earth.

Additional things you’ll learn from watching this movie (according to GPMsMotokoLover ):

11) If you jump across a train track at night, it'll be morning on the other side.

12) Bible-thumpers can burn down a dirty book store without being charged with felony arson.

13) It's safe to dump toxic waste in the water, but it's not okay to have fluoride in it.

14) Potatoes are a sacred vegetable and NOTHING will stand in the way of that.

The Being - The Trailer

Youtube - The Being



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