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Director Jackie Kong will be hosting a screening of BLOOD DINER on the big screen, followed
 by a director Q&A and an all-stops-pulled-out after party. Kicking off in Austin Oct 1st 2016

Jackie Kong Films - Cult Phenomenon

The Diner Scene

Officer Judy Scene

Quentin Tarantino’s


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The Being Night Patrol Blood Diner The Underachievers

Films Directed by Kong (Click on Pics):

Films Directed by Kong (Click on Pics):

Night Patrol Film Clips:

Night Patrol Film Clips:

The “Real” Trailer

Director Breaks Her Silence

Director Breaks Her Silence

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Insanity Tour Dates and Cities

Kong as an activist was the Executive Director of a non-profit organization called Asian-American Media Development (AAMD) 1995-2001 with the mission to develop an Asian-American voice in Media. With AAMD she developed the first entirely Asian-American created sitcom with six writers and directed some episodes of Karaoke Nights in 2001.

2001 AAMD Article/JK Activist

Jackie as Activist

Jackie as Activist

Karaoke Nights

Karaoke Nights

1st entirely Asian-American created sitcom.

Watch Episode 1

Watch Episode 2

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IMDb Corrections

IMDb Corrections

Jackie Kong Films & Reviews:

 Night Patrol   Blood Diner  The Being

  The Underachievers   Karaoke Nights

      CoExistence (in preproduction)

Imdb’s info on Jackie Kong is Full of Errors and Misinformation: “more fiction than fact”  To see Imdb Corrected info - click here

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Director Jackie Kong is one of the only females directing horror films (with a proven track record) shocking and horrifying viewers. Her unique sense of humor infuse her films with comedy relief and have elevated them to Cult Film Status worldwide...

More Bio Info

The Real Biography

The Real Biography

2017 Tour dates:
Rio Theatre April 7
11:55 pm Screening/Q&A,
8:30pm @ Falconetti’s Meet & Greet
Central Cinema April 11
7 pm Screening, Q&A, Afterparty
PORTLAND: Paris Theatre presents
Gospel Brunch BLOOD DINER Style
Sunday, May 7 NOON Screening,
Q&A w/ Jackie & Afterparty
SAN FRANCISCO: Roxie Theater
Bring a Virgin Sacrifice Challenge
Sunday, May 28, 8:30 pm  to 12:30 am
Screening, Q&A w/ Jackie & Afterparty
LOS ANGELES: to be announced

Click this Sign for Info:


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